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23rd Annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards Honor Top Community Projects

More than 1,500 people gather to acknowledge excellence in architecture, community organizing, real estate development and other efforts to strengthen neighborhoods.

A Neighborhood of All Stars
Founded by LISC Chicago, Hoops in the Hood gives hundreds of Chicago students an opportunity to play basketball, compete in tournaments and show their team spirit.
Neighborhood Group, CPD Awarded for Making Uptown's Argyle Street Pedestrian Friendly

The Night Market,  a collaboration between Uptown United and the 20th District of the Chicago Police Department, has brought new life to Uptown's Argyle Street.

Englewood Quality-of-Life Business Competition Announces Winners

Englewood companies vie for recognition - and cash - in the Englewood Quality-of-Life Business Competition.

Large Lots in Englewood – Vision and Hard Work Create New Community Assets

This photo essay takes you through the beginning of Sammiria Malcone, Linda Maalik and Delece Williams’ journey to beautify vacant lots in their Englewood neighborhood.

Lending a Hand

It’s clearer than ever how loans from LISC play a critical role in redeveloping communities across the city.

Streets Cleaned, Vets Honored in Day of Service

On Veterans Day, volunteers rolled up their sleeves to clean vacant lots in Auburn Gresham.

‘Meeting Halfway’ Builds Partnerships between Community Organizations and Banks

Through Meeting Halfway, community organizations and banks are working together to bring mainstream financial services to people who desperately need them.

This IS Englewood

New Whole Foods grocery a welcome tipping point for Englewood.

Business District Leadership Program Graduates New Cohort

A new Business District Leadership class hits the streets.

Reclaiming Southwest Chicago

Chicago Lawn, ravaged by foreclosures during the economic downturn, is now seeing the benefits of a shrewd strategy to return abandoned homes to productive use.

Halfway Point for Englewood Quality-of-Life Planning - Ready to Act

In Englewood, quality-of-life planning is a community affair.

Ten Years of Hoops in the Hood: An Oral History

Hoops in the Hood - Participants sound off about the impact of a decade of neighborhood basketball and organizing.

Financial Opportunity Centers: Connecting People to the Local Economy

For the last decade, LISC’s network of Financial Opportunity Centers have helped residents of underserved neighborhoods establish good credit, find jobs, and increase their incomes.

Leading Locally: Chicago Plans Graduates 20th Neighborhood Team

Over the course’s two series, Chicago Plans has now graduated 60 total participants from 20 different communities.

From Planning to Action on the Northwest Side

Belmont Cragin celebrates the completion of its quality-of-life plan, which is already having an impact in the community, and planning continues in Auburn Gresham, Englewood and Chicago Lawn.

Chicago Plans 2016

A new group of community organization members is learning the ropes of planning through the Chicago Plans workshops.

Batter Up! Better Fields = Better Ball

The Cubs Charities Diamond Project is improving community baseball fields throughout the city. And making plenty of kids happy.

Health, Community Development Go Hand-in-Hand

Neighborhood groups are expanding their conception of community development to include an emphasis on health. LISC is helping to facilitate this shift.

Affordable Divvy For Everyone Enters Second Year

Subsidized bike share program continues through five Financial Opportunity Centers.

Business District Leadership Program Begins Second Class with 20 New Neighborhood Participants

After a successful first year, the Business District Leadership program will support a second group of nonprofit and public sector leaders working within neighborhood business districts.

CNDA Forum: Strategies That Work, Policies That Don’t

The Forum at the 22nd annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards ceremony addressed different perspectives about how to develop underserved neighborhoods.

Big Scale of CNDA Winners Says Much about Local Development Capacity

An unusual group of large-scale projects filled the winner’s circle at this year’s CNDA ceremony, new evidence of what’s possible when resources link up with local ideas and energy.

How to Make Neighborhoods Better and Stronger? Attend CNDA and Find Out

The 22nd Annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards ceremony is Thursday, February 18, at the Chicago Hilton.

Chicago Plans 2015 Ends…Chicago Plans 2016 Begins

The Chicago Plans 2016 application deadline for communities seeking to learn the ropes of community planning is Monday, February 29, 2016.

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